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On Site Logistics Process Re-Engineering

Re-engineering is radical redesign of your internal logistics processes

If process mapping shows people what their jobs are and how they should interact with one another to perform specific tasks in the most efficient manner, process re-engineering is a radical redesign to accommodate major changes within the operational mix. For instance, where new equipment can be introduced to streamline operations; a major product specification change or a completely new product is introduced to the production line.

Starting with a clean slate is great in theory but not always workable

Re-engineering calls for throwing out everything that exists and recommends reconstituting a workable organisation on the basis of completely fresh ideas.

“managers ... must abandon the organisational and operational
principles and procedures they are now using and create entirely new ones."

"Business re-engineering means starting all over, starting from scratch."

"It means forgetting how work was done... old titles and old organisational
arrangements... cease to matter. How people and companies did things
yesterday doesn't matter to the business re-engineer."

"Re-engineering... can't be carried out in small and cautious steps. It is an
all-or-nothing proposition that produces dramatically impressive results."

Dr. Michael Hammer (1948-2008) - The originator of re-engineering and changed how businesses do business.

Given a clean slate and unlimited budget isn’t always possible.  At Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive our experience is that you want the best achievable results with a given infrastructure and a specific budget. Therefore, we look at the processes shifting focus from the tasks to what you want to achieve.

We know the automotive supply chain business inside out

Re-engineering involves doing business differently by organising along the lines of complete processes rather than individual tasks. However, without a wider perspective you can’t really achieve a radical rethink of the operational nuts and bolts of the business.

Working with your management team combines an in depth understanding of your business with the latest practices, techniques and processes in the automotive industry. 

FREE ‘on site logistics’ audit to determine your re-engineering needs

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