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Full Logistics Audit

Full Logistics Audit - A 360 degree review of all your ‘in-bound’, ‘on site’ and ‘out-bound’ supply chain

If you want to remain competitive in automotive manufacturing, the application of lean principles in your supply chain environment may not be new, but it is essential. An ever-changing landscape ensures that any process should be continually evolving, however, with so many fingers in the pie it is often hard to spot where inefficiencies really lie.

Through providing a highly detailed analysis of all movements ‘in-bound’, ‘on site’ and ‘out-bound’ you will have a clear picture of the total supply chain exposing its strengths and weaknesses. You may not be in a position to change how some third parties interface with your internal logistics operation but you will be in the best position to manage the actions which can be taken.

Experienced eyes can spot operational improvements and present impartial findings

The successful application of an audit can help you develop better and stronger relationships with your customers and suppliers. The objective is to reduce effort, combine operations, improve material flow, and reduce inventory - wherever it occurs in relation to YOUR business.

As an impartial set of experienced eyes means your report can be shared with your customer and supplier base to add value to the relationships or simply demonstrate where a particular weakness lies within the supply chain.

Every supply chain is different, but the fundamentals are the same

Every business is different, but the principals of the automotive supply chain are the same the world over. To assess your specific requirements we need to conduct a ‘needs analysis survey’. This is simply a briefing session where you inform us of the complexities of your specific supply chain so that we can provide you with the most appropriate solution.

FREE ‘needs analysis’ survey

If you are interested in the FREE 360 degree review ‘needs analysis’ survey then please submit your details by completing the FREE 'on site' logistics audit request form.  We will call you to arrange a suitable time, take down additional information and send you the relevant information pack.