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On Site Logistics Error Proofing

Poka Yoke (Mistake Proofing)

Murphy's Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong!

In short, that's why your company needs error proofing - a method of preventing errors by putting limits on how an operation can be performed in order to force the correct completion of the operation. Error proofing techniques can drive defects out of your products and processes and substantially improve quality and reliability within your ‘on site’ supply chain.

Eliminate errors before they occur

Your team can learn from the most common mistakes in the sector and implement techniques or steps required to eradicate those errors from your internal supply chain.
Mistake-Proofing is best taught through examples and our approach includes a comprehensive understanding of the internal automotive supply chain (from a sector wide perspective) so you really can learn from the mistakes of others!

Error proofing involves innovative thinking coupled with a solid understanding of forced control, shutdown, warning, and sensory alert techniques and strategies, all of which we can bring to your ‘on site’ logistics function.

Eradicate mistakes and optimise your manufacturing processes

There are three types of error proofing:

  • The contact method identifies defects by whether or not contact is established between the process and the product. Damage detection and other product property techniques are considered extensions of this.
  • The fixed-value method determines whether a given number of actions have been made. 
  • The motion-step method determines whether the prescribed steps or motions of the process have been followed.

Error proofing techniques or steps, either give warnings to prevent, or control the wrong action. The key is that they are based on the behaviours within the process. Occasional errors may warrant warnings whereas frequent errors (or those impossible to correct), may warrant a specific control process within the supply chain function.

We know the automotive supply chain business inside out

Error proofing needs a thorough understanding of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the internal supply chain function. Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive are uniquely positioned to provide the widest knowledge base of the potential problems combined with everyday ‘hands on’ experience within the automotive sector.

Working with your management team, we will combine an in depth understanding of your business and bring you the latest practices, techniques and processes in the automotive industry to error proof your ‘on site’ supply chain.

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