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Supply Chain Consultation

Why most ‘on site’ logistics are inefficient and how it affects your bottom line

As the ‘on site’ supply chain becomes more complex with demand for customisation and variety in your manufacturing processes, it is easy to understand why internal logistics becomes inefficient. Continuous improvement is easy to promise however, the benchmarking of internal logistics is difficult when its internal and external interfaces are allowed to blur the results.

Are your internal logistics practical, cost-effective, measurable and flexible?

Is your internal logistics reactive, only ‘kicking-in’ the instant a delivery is made or production line request taken? How long does it take to audit the load and put the consignment in the correct position within the warehouse? How long should it take to unload a vehicle, what are the industry standards?

Most likely you will have many things within your internal logistics that works right, but right doesn’t mean efficient. Right doesn't mean competitive.

Your internal logistics process should take the flow of materials through to your production line the most practical and cost-effective manner. It should be measurable on a minute by minute, unit by unit basis, and then you will know the appropriate level of manpower and equipment required at any one time. Flexibility should be built in to cope with last minute changes on the production line in a predictable, rehearsed fashion.

Are your internal logistics manned and equipped on a day to day level for the peak of activity or, does it flex on a day to day basis, as and when you need the resources?

Is your internal logistics in control of the 3 P’s?

Often internal logistics is known for only the one ‘P’ - Problems...

Stock integrity, allocation, rotation perpetual checks – do your internal systems have complete control?

Sickness and absence, training, management of agency workers – do you have the numbers?

Health and safety, risk assessments, equipment use and materials handling – do you have process manuals for every activity?

Racking and storage systems, handling equipment, breakdowns and maintenance – is this the most efficient and cost effective combination?

Production stoppages, wrong parts, lost parts, damaged parts – how much is it really costing you?

The Process determines the Plant or equipment, which in turn tells you what People you need, where you need them, and when.

External logistics has long been an outsourced service because it is easy to draw the line in the sand between responsibilities. As a result external logistics in the automotive industry and after sales parts sector is pretty efficient. However, the internal logistics is the future differentiator between companies within the automotive industry.

We can help you drive out unnecessary cost - Guaranteed

If you could learn where to make improvements within your internal supply chain logistics at absolutely no risk or no cost – would you be interested?

Why not call us for a FREE ‘on site logistics’ audit – carried out under a non disclosure agreement. Our findings will be reported in full confidence and will provide a detailed analysis of where savings and improvements can be made.