Spot Audits and Support

Whatever processes and systems you have within your ‘on site’ logistics supply chain, to maintain optimum efficiency and continual improvement there needs to be consistent monitoring of results. If this is through your team leaders and management then who supports their work, how do they know if there is a better way? How do you know they aren’t ‘coasting’ and simply achieving the KPI’s set and not seeking out further efficiencies.

Your dynamic ‘on site’ supply chain resource whilst flexing with production may not be operating at the optimum efficiency. If you appoint Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive, regardless of whatever option you select, there will be spot audits and on-going support options to ensure it does.

Think of it as a mystery shopper

Covert surveillance of your internal logistics operation through to a detailed analysis of a specific ‘on site’ supply chain function can reveal the true problem. However, to identify the problem you must also have access to the solution. The Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive approach is to seek out any problems and offer you the most relevant solution.

If we haven’t been responsible for the process and systems then we can offer help and advise through process mapping and training of your people to contracting out the specific problem area - no matter how small an element of your supply chain function - so that it becomes a separate cost centre with its own KPI’s.

So why are Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive better at ‘on site’ supply chain management?

Your expertise is in manufacturing your product, Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive specialise in developing lean ‘on site’ supply chain systems and processes.

You have expertise in negotiating with suppliers and developing products your customers want to buy.

We have expertise in negotiating with recruitment agencies and materials handling equipment suppliers. We have specialist trainers on hand, tried and tested people development programmes aimed specifically at supply chain workers. So you get the very best in the business in ‘on site’ logistics.

Best people, best systems, best negotiators - and only pay for them as and when you need them.

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