Recruitment & Implementation

Whether you choose to keep your people and improve the process or transfer your people to our employment and we manage them and the process - you need to understand people will be at the heart of any ‘on site’ supply chain solution.

You will need to create a staff development program, good communication channels and, above all, a flexible labour solution. This is achieved through integrating your core workforce with an ‘on demand’ supply of agency labour under the supervision of team leaders and ‘on site’ logistics managers.

This will provide you with the a dynamic supply chain resource which can flex with production whilst operating on a daily basis at optimum efficiency.

First, the challenge is in creating a supply chain function which has this dynamic labour input. You need to have good relationships with the agencies to ensure you get the best rates, the most capable people available and can take them on without penalties should you wish to employ them.

Second, you need to create a culture within the workforce based upon respect and personal improvement. Each individual within the operation must believe they have a chance to progress to a better position within the supply chain function. This is achieved through a staff development programme which starts the moment an agency worker begins their induction. They must feel that there is the potential for reward, long term gain and reflect this in their attitude to the work they are given.

Third, you need to deliver on your promise. When times are good this is easier but when production demands dictate you need to shed labour, it is hard to maintain.

So why are Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive better at achieving this?

Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive specialise in developing lean ‘on site’ supply chain systems and processes. With a ‘home grown timber’ philosophy their management reflect that any position is achievable.

Their expertise in negotiating with agencies enables them to get the best deals in the market place - agencies take a view on the scale they can operate on rather than the specific operation in question. This negotiation advantage is also reflected in materials handling equipment procurement and extends to other areas within your internal logistics operation.

With specialist trainers on hand, the people development program is simply another process within the highly systemised operation of Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive, so you get the very best in the business in ‘on site’ logistics.

Best people, best systems, best negotiators - and only pay for them as and when you need them.

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