Consultation and Evaluation

You may have identified a specific problem area within your ‘on site’ logistics or just feel that areas could be improved upon. The first action we would take is to listen, look and understand your business. This ALWAYS begins with the FREE AUDIT - if we don’t think we can add value to your internal logistics, we would rather not try and justify creating an invoice to tell you!

Therefore, the first level of evaluation is the presentation of a 150 point detailed analysis of your efficiency rating across the 5 core areas of your ‘on site’ supply chain.

Inbound Logistics
Inbound Vehicle Management
Stock Integrity & Allocation
Product Location

Product Management
Product Grouping
Stock Turns
Product Zoning

Product Pick & Dispatch
Execution & Future Production Forecasting etc
Pick Rate
Pick Method
Pick Face Replenishment

Production Line Interface
Delivery To Line - Stock Visibility & Accountability
Variability & Customisation

Outbound Logistics
Outbound Vehicle Management
Reverse Logistics Process
Despatch Stock Management

The evaluation will be a comprehensive 360 degree appraisal identifying hot spots within your ‘on site’ supply chain where the greatest gains can be made for the least amount of investment or risk. Your evaluation will highlight our recommendations; provide projections of the potential gains or improvements which could be achieved and options on implementation.

The key focus is to create a dynamic ‘on site’ supply chain resource which can flex with production whilst operating on a daily basis at the optimum efficiency. Production Execution & Future Production Forecasting

  • Process & Workflow Management
  • Process Development & Error Proofing 
  • Systems Development Including Maintenance & Repair Planning 
  • Reporting & Supply Chain Performance Data - Needed for Strategic Decision-making. 
  • People Allocation, Skills Transfer & Labour Resource Management 
  • Materials Handling Equipment & Warehousing Infrastructure 
  • Scalability, KPI’s & Annual Seasonality 
  • Health & Safety Risk Assessment 
  • Future Proofing & Contingency Provision


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