Working towards AEO status certification

Working towards AEO status certification

AEO status is an internationally recognised quality mark indicating that the organisation’s role in the international supply chain is secure, and that the companies’ customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant.

Being one of the UK’s key dedicated automotive logistics service providers, and considering that a large number of its customers and their suppliers operate globally, the necessity to operate within the global commodity market efficiently is a must for Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive.

While AEO status isn’t compulsory, businesses that ignore it are likely to see significant increases in associated import and export costs. This gives all certification holders the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by being AEO certified; businesses holding AEO status will have a number of advantages over businesses that don’t, and will also be able to use a simplified FastTrack application process for other EU customs procedures.

AEO status is about much more than just benefiting from guarantee wavers and mutual recognition schemes; the actual process of an AEO application releases many benefits in itself, as it
involves close scrutiny of a company’s entire supply chain, all involved departments, contractors and teams, and all processes from procurement to delivery of end service. Preparing for AEO means taking an end-to-end assessment of the business, connecting all departments to integrate supply chain processes and identify strengths and weaknesses with the ultimate goal to streamline workflows and increase efficiency, introduce best practise procedures and solutions and, achieve comprehensive supply chain transparency, security and compliance.

AEO certification benefits companies on many levels and strengthens their market position through commitment to risk management, compliant global trade and streamlined operations. And today, demonstrating you are a safe company to do business with is a strong message that can make a difference and provide a stable platform to grow.


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