‘Win Win’ Contract!

R&HA have won one of the largest third party contracts for provision of ‘on-site production logistics’ services, in the UK. In return, the OEM received a completely flexible logistics solution with operational performance and significant cost benefits.

A 12 month race with 9 hurdles!

The competitive bid process was over a 12 month period involving a tender management team of over 20 logistics professionals, specialising in operations, method-times-measurement (MTM), process design, cost analysis, continuous improvement process and project management. The aim was to deliver a compelling proposal which couldn’t be matched by the competition. Because of the size and complexity of the contract, there were nine levels of negotiations to achieve final sign-off and contract award – and two winners!

Oxford based automotive manufacturer awards contract to R&HA

The point of any contract award is it must be a win-win, and in this case both the OEM and R&HA were winners. R&HA proposed several process improvements, technology improvements, working shift patterns, employee benefits, structural changes and continuous improvement initiatives. It means R&HA has retained the ‘on-site production logistics’ contract for the OEM for the past 16 years, and are on the cards to continue working with the automotive manufacturer for a further nine.

Having been awarded the contract is only the first step to achieving our goals. In the next two months we want now to build and solid and stable foundation to improve from. This includes working together to ensure that we are exceeding the targets that we have from our BMW and to train all of our personnel to deal with the daily problems that they may face to ensure that they do not reoccur making their working day easier.


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