Taking up the wearable tech gauntlet

At R&HA, we’re always looking at new ideas to achieve efficiencies, streamline our operations and find better ways of doing things to enable us to continue to provide a first-class service to our customers.

So, when the opportunity came to trial some cutting edge wearable technology on behalf of one of our major customers, we were delighted to pick up the gauntlet.

The R&HA team at MINI Plant Oxford have been trialling innovative new hands-free Pro Glove scanners.

Pro Glove is a wearable scanner that helps to simplify ‘pick and scan’ processes, reduce errors and improve employee well-being.

It allows users to effortlessly scan a full range of items in the warehouse while keeping their hands free.

Pro Glove scanners are ergonomically designed to eliminate the need for staff to handle regular handheld scanners, which are bulky and prone to damage, making it easier to pick and scan products across the warehouse. 

Pro Glove links directly to a central software platform which provides instant user feedback on the tasks performed, helping to reduce mistakes, improve quality, and provide tangible data to help future decision-making.

It’s estimated that Pro Glove can speed up processes by 50%, by saving up to four seconds per scan, as well as minimising accidental damage to traditional, bulky handheld scanners and hard-edged products in our warehouse.

Since starting the trial, we have noticed marked improvements in productivity, health and safety and quality standards.

Picking is a key performance indicator for our warehouse operations and accuracy plays a big part in ensuring our processes are as efficient as possible.

Wrong picks do not only cause delays but can also affect quality of supply and customer satisfaction.

We’ve found that Pro Glove has enabled us to place an even greater degree of traceability in every pick, which has improved accuracy across our whole supply chain.

Uwe Winter, R&HA CEO, said:

“Process quality and efficiency are the key differentiators which make R&HA an industry leader, so we’re always on the lookout for ways to make improvements wherever we can. There have been rapid advances in wearable technology in recent years and adopting innovative solutions is what helps us to stay ahead of the competition.

“Pro Glove not only helps to speed up our pick and scan processes to make them more efficient, it makes it easier for staff to do their jobs more effectively, is more ergonomically friendly and reduces the need for staff to carry bulky handheld equipment, which can easily get dropped or cause damage to our products as they are being picked.”


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