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We live in unprecedented times, with uncertainty continuing to swirl about Britain leaving the EU.

The actual exit date keeps getting pushed back, while politically, there doesn’t seem to be enough of an appetite for any of the options in the table to push them through.

R&HA is a European business. The automotive logistics sector, in which we operate, is spread across the EU and beyond, which means decisions made in Westminster and Brussels will have a long-lasting impact, not just on R&HA, but on the industry at large. 

We have large operations in the UK, employing more than 1,000 people across several sites. Around 30% of our team are not UK citizens and have obvious concerns about Britain leaving the EU.

In response, and to provide assurance, certainty and peace of mind to our EU workers that their rights will be protected beyond Brexit, we have taken several significant steps to keep them fully informed. R&HA have held a series of workshops for staff to explain what is happening, how they may be affected and their legal position.

We will continue to hold these sessions as the picture continues to evolve and more information comes to light, as keeping staff up-to-date with the latest developments is a key organisational priority. As an employer, we remain committed to supporting all our employees through any transitions that may occur as the UK exits the EU, to minimise any potential impacts.

We have also set up a dedicated support line to provide information to, and answer questions of, any staff who have concerns. All staff will continue to be supported by their line management as the picture continues to change.

Jimmy Hamilton said:

“The UK’s exit from the EU has caused huge uncertainty across the country and we know that many of our employees have concerns or are worried about what the future may hold.

“As a an employer with a large percentage of EU nationals in its workforce, we are working with all staff to keep them informed of the latest developments, provide reassurance about what the future may hold and ensure their legal rights remain unaffected during these uncertain times.

“We also remain committed to ensuring that whatever happens in the future, R&HA will continue to provide the same great service to our customers, to help them remove inefficiency from their manufacturing processes by delivering resource solutions with a focus on continuous improvement and cost reduction.”


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