Spotlight on... Chris Padbury

Spotlight On...

Chris Padbury

I started with R&HA back in April 2013, after leaving a company I’d been with for 20 years. In my previous position I worked in many different types of business; from Airbus in Chester; Waterstones Books in Burton; Sainsbury’s in Tamworth; NRS In Crewe; and a few more. These were all very different in terms of either systems or process & procedures and had different challenges.

My first opportunity was with the BiW projects team as a R&HA representative at one of our customers sites. Providing support on a new lineside delivery process and liaising with the senior management team, reporting progress of the change. After 10 months when the project had been completed I then became the group leader for the operational area. 12 months later a Senior Operations Manager position was offered which I am in this currently.

The Automotive Industry is forever changing and having a high level of engagement with the customer gives us a greater understanding of the deliverables which are required.

Within this position I hold I am very fortunate to work with experienced knowledgeable people who are enthusiastic and want to succeed. Working in different areas has enabled me to grasp a better understanding of how the business runs. It’s also helped me to get to know the people in each area and the jobs and positions they hold. What is consistent in my experience is, if you develop your people and improve communication with clearly defined the end goals, teams will respond and deliver.

What are my hobbies?

I am a keen bad golfer, Football is/was my greatest passion. Chelsea season ticket holder!!!

In the past I have played football at a semi-professional level, for a number of Oxfordshire based clubs including Abingdon United, where I had 10 very happy seasons as a midfielder/wing-back. My most memorable match was against Poole Town in an FA Cup pre-qualifier – which was attended by over 1,000 local Football fans!!


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