Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive Celebrate 10 Years of Success

Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive celebrated its 10 year anniversary by presenting members of its founding team with long service awards. At a ceremony held at its Lichfield Head Office on Friday 12th February, 10 employees received an engraved glass trophy, a commemorative tie pin and a holiday voucher in recognition of their loyal service.

Managing Director Martin Rollings said: “We are marking our 10 year anniversary by celebrating the contribution made by our loyal employees who have been with us from the start. When we established Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive a decade ago the automotive sector was doing well in the UK. Since then our industry has had to survive turbulent and troubled times. We are a service company so the fact that we have been able to prosper in such a difficult market is largely due to the quality of our people. They set us apart and are a significant factor in our success.”

The 10 Year Service Award was presented to Mark Cranidge, Jeff Hyde, Jonathan Gardiner, Donald Sheppard, Jonathan Smith, Lee Kniveton, Steven Layton, Nigel Walker, Robert Chipman and Meryl Allen.

As a leading provider of dynamic „on-site‟ logistics and internal supply chain solutions to the automotive industry Rudolph and Hellmann is dedicated to making the manufacturing processes of its clients leaner and more efficient. The company‟s expertise ranges from the management of large, time sensitive warehouses to direct production line feed and sub assembly. It has extensive experience in designing solutions to meet the most demanding logistic challenges, such as downsizing and shut-downs, and provides consultancy and bespoke IT systems development individually tailored to each client‟s needs.

Pictured from left to right are: Steven Layton, Mark Cranidge, Robert Chipman, Nigel Walker, Lee Kniveton. Donald Sheppard, Meryl Allen, Jeff Hyde, Jonathan Smith, Jonathan Gardiner, Bernd Oevermann – Global Director, Hellmann Automotive Logistics, Martin Rollings – Managing Director

For further information contact: Martin Rollings, Managing Director or Mark Cranidge, Operations Director on 01543 441670


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