R&HA supports and provides aid for St Vincent volcano eruption victims

My name is Hollis Davey and I am a Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive Ltd Process Leader working in  building 50.  I have  family and friends in the Caribbean island of St Vincent. On Friday the La Soufrière volcano erupted, blanketing the island in a layer of ash and forcing more than 16,000 people to evacuate their homes. Smaller explosions continued over the weekend, causing power cuts and disrupting water supplies.

I have been in contact with aid agencies and I would like to set up collections to help inhabitants who have had to leave behind possessions as they evacuated. If you would like to support please bring in any of the following items:
Bottled Water, Tinned and dry food e.g. pasta, Second hand clothing for men, women and children, Sheets and blankets, blow up beds and tents, sanitary products, metals plates and bowls.  Also given the great ordeal the children are going through we welcome any board or card games, books and cuddly toys.


Collection points will be positioned on site at the following locations - ILC canteen, Building 50 temporary canteen, AC office area and MLH office area. 


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