R&HA hits year-long pallet safety record

Our body-in-white (BIW) assembly team passed a major health and safety milestone recently after going for a whole year of operation without dropping a single pallet on the day shift.

The team achieved the impeccable record after going 52 weeks without a single spillage.

BIW is a core part of our operations at R&HA and the safety and robustness of our process is critical to our automotive manufacturing partners in helping them to consolidate their global car programmes.

In the past year, the day shift moved 468,072 pallets, so to not experience a single spillage whilst moving that sheer volume of goods is a major achievement by the team.

BIW is a complex process and ensuring production output is maintained is a huge challenge.

Production line stoppages are expensive, so good health and safety management is one of the ways to minimise avoidable delays in the manufacturing process.

As the main outsourced on-site logistics partner for several major automotive manufacturers in the UK, we understand what is required to achieve impeccable health and safety standards which help optimise efficiency in the most demanding of manufacturing environments.

This achievement by our BIW day shift team is testament to that.

Aubrey Leeson, R&HA’s HSE Manager, said:

“Given the amount of pallets we handle every year in Body in White, it is a major achievement to have zero pallet spillages in a whole year, so well done to the whole day shift team in making this happen. Safety will always be at the forefront of the BIW assembly process, as it’s a vital component in ensuring that we can continue to offer a flexible, responsive, streamlined and quality-assured service to our customers.

“This comes only from having robust processes in place to create an environment in which our people can work to the best of their ability to deliver the high-quality BIW solutions that our customers have come to expect.”


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