New managerial structure to enhance service to customers

Plans are being implemented to realign the managerial structure at R&HA’s Oxford operation, to optimise reporting lines, boost problem-solving, provide greater clarity and accountability and ultimately, enhance our service offering to customers.

We have launched a new people management system which will help to standardise our operations to ensure we can continue to develop and deliver outstanding, customer-focused automotive logistics solutions.

The new system, which is currently being rolled out across the operation, is aimed at creating a more flexible, responsive and agile organisational structure, which will better focus resource in the right areas and eliminate inefficiency.

It will enhance our production capability and enable us to maintain our focus on continuous improvement within our own internal processes, helping our customers to achieve better results.

The changes will enable us to continue to place great focus on creating a dynamic on-site supply chain resource which can flex with production while operating at optimum efficiency daily.

Implementing these changes to our team structure will enable R&HA to continue to create smarter systems, embed better processes and monitor achievements against objectives, while providing stronger leadership and empowering our staff to find better ways of working.

The project was the brainchild of our Business Strategy Director, Jimmy Hamilton, who said:

“Our customers require visibility, clarity and trust in R&HA to get the job done. The changes we are making will better bring this about by optimising reporting lines and giving all our people greater clarity surrounding their individual and collective responsibilities.

“Our mission is to engage and empower our people to develop an organisation that gives the opportunity to perform in a best-in-class environment, through process stability, organisational change and strong leadership, guaranteeing stakeholder satisfaction.” 


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