Minimising the impact of the UK’s exit from the EU

The date of the UK’s planned exit from the EU is imminent.

While nobody can say with any certainty what may happen immediately after the EU has finalised its position, R&HA has been busy putting plans in place to minimise any potential impacts on our customers and our people.

R&HA is, and will remain, a business with strong European links.

The automotive logistics sector in which we operate is spread across the EU and beyond, which means the UK’s exit will have a long-lasting impact, not just on R&HA but on the industry at large. 

R&HA has Authorised Economic Operations status in relation to imports and exports, managing a large stockholding of products in a bonded warehouse.

All our VDU operators are currently being trained in the latest Customs processes. 

This will enable us to guarantee operational continuity, meaning delays in the supply of parts to production will be minimised after the UK leaves the EU.

We have also taken significant steps to minimise the impact on our team, to ensure we can continue to provide the same level of high-quality service that our customers expect.

R&HA employs more than 1,000 people across the UK. Around 70% of our team are non-UK citizens and have obvious concerns about Britain leaving the EU.

To provide assurance, certainty and peace of mind to our EU workers that their rights will be protected, we held a series of staff workshops over the summer to explain what is happening, how they may be affected and their legal position. We also set up a dedicated support line to provide information to, and answer questions of, any staff who have concerns.

Throughout the coming months, in the immediate run up to the UK’s exit from the EU, we will continue to communicate with staff on a regular basis.

We will be supporting affected staff in helping them to complete any necessary paperwork, including applications for residency, as well as working with our agency partners to monitor right to work documents, understand the application demographic and identify any workers that may require extra support.

We have also moved to ensure we can sustain a reliable ratio of directly employed and agency workers, to minimise any potential disruption to production.

Jimmy Hamilton, our Business Strategy Director, said:

“It remains to be seen what impact the UK’s exit from the EU may have immediately after we leave, but the steps we have taken will help to ensure that the supply of parts is not affected and any disruptions to our normal operations will be kept to a minimum. As a people business, we know that many of our employees have concerns or are worried about what the future may hold.

“We’ve acted decisively over the past 12 months to provide a regular flow of information, advice and guidance to our staff and agency workers, along with practical support in terms of assistance in filling out paperwork and other documents relating to Brexit.

“We remain committed to ensuring that whatever happens in the future, R&HA will continue to provide the same great service to our customers, providing leaner, smarter automotive supply chain and logistics solutions which help them to streamline their own operations and eliminate inefficiency.”


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