Mini unveils concept of first full-production electric car

New EV model due in 2019, has it’s official unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show and sheds light on future design direction of the BMW brand. Frankfurt motor show marks the 20th anniversary of the public debut of BMW’s Mini.

Christopher Weil Mini’s exterior design boss explains, while this 2019 concept is based on today’s car, some extremely subtle tweaks — especially the clever surfacing on the body — have transformed its stance into something closer to the original R50 model and certainly more sporting than the current Mini.

“We wanted to show something with a very reduced form language that takes out the detailing,” Weil said. “The upper of the body has been cleaned up a lot. We’ve played with very simple and powerful themes — there’s a cleanness to the car that gives it a more contemporary feel.

Creating the Mini Electric concept started in January and lasted just six months

“The process was very quick,” he said. “Projects that run quickly are often both nicer to work on and more effective than those that take longer. The quicker we move, the more pure ideas can be.”

Weil, of course, applied the expected caution: “This is just a concept car — we are thinking about how an electric Mini could look. This is not the production car — we are just in the process of designing it, so it is too early to say how it will inform the production car.”


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