Lewis brings home the prize!!!

Congratulations go to Lewis Byles for his great entry in the R&HA Employees Ideas Scheme, which has seen Lewis rewarded with £1250 after he suggested a change to a pick operation to be more Covid-19 compliant. Working with the CIP Team the layout of the area has now been modified to incorporate this fantastic idea.

Lewis’s entry is one of over 166 ideas that have been submitted from the R&HA team in the last 12 months. Of these ideas 16 have already been implemented, 5 are in the project planning stage, a further 6 are currently at the technical evaluation stage and 17 under investigation.

The ideas that are submitted from the team are all evaluated on their own merits and everyone that submits an idea receives a response on whether their idea has been taken to the next stage and if not, why not. The ideas received so far touch all aspects of our operations and have ranged from process changes to area layouts, from employee welfare to equipment, and from health and safety to environmental. The core belief of the R&HA Employee Ideas Scheme is that it is here to benefit our employees, our clients and our organisation, all ideas are processed equally, and all entrants are communicated with on the progress of their submission.

Whilst we have rewarded some of our team members financially with ideas that have been received through the Scheme, others have chosen rewards from the R&HA Gift Catalogue.

“We often hear the statement ’that from small acorns grow mighty oaks’ and we at R&HA are firm believers in this. Our Employee Ideas Scheme is first and foremost a programme that drives real change through employee engagement, ensuring that our people feel empowered and able to affect their everyday environment. Some entries are not feasible, but we ensure that we communicate this back to our people, and others are fantastic concepts that we will review and just say ’wow’ and then engage our team to make these happen. The key thing is you must listen and believe in your people, if you don’t, why would they listen and believe in you?”

Uwe Winter R&HA CEO

We would like to thank all  the R&HA team that have submitted ideas so far and encourage everyone to get involved, for those that think it won´t be me or won´t make a difference, please reread the first paragraph again. The link to the Employee Ideas Scheme is below, so please give it a try.



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