Investment in ‘Lean’ Training Centre - RL6 - Germany

Logistics is about getting things done in the most resource efficient way, it’s a skill which can be learnt. This new training centre will provide an edge to all those who pass through it.

Starting with the basics of logistics

The training centre provides the tools and facilities to embed the lean Quality Management System (QMS) starting with the basics of logistics, truck and cargo safety. It is designed to enable those receiving training to build structure, focus on results, identify non-value added activities and motivate workers to deliver results. Each core process, process criteria, and method is used to increase the focus and effectiveness of the QMS.

It helps develop each individual’s skills in five areas

  • Enables them to develop a structure which creates results
  • Visualise waste through clear data, metrics, and expectations
  • Increase worker capability
  • Drive waste out of the system
  • Continually improve processes

870 m² of space dedicated to developing the knowledge on eliminating waste

Waste can occur in all different places: in the communication, redundant paths, unnecessary waiting times or even by non-ergonomic workplace design. Which is why the training centre provides the perfect environment to help focus attention on recognising and avoiding waste in everyday work.

"Not everyone who starts new with us, comes from logistics. The Lean and Training Centre is an instrument to qualify the Operatives so that they can apply what they have learnt at their location for the logistics processes quickly and safely,"

Fabian Benedetti, Head of Lean and Training Centre.

Everything is there, the complete logistics process

The Lean and Training Centre is situated at the headquarters of the Rudolph Logistics Group, in Baunatal. Racks, truck, picking devices - everything is there, the complete logistics process. It provides a practical environment which incorporates everything from bringing goods into the warehouse properly, storing them safely, and moving them quickly, precisely and preparing for the shipping.


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