Five Questions

Name: Ian Reilly

Place of Work: Rudolph & Hellmann Automotive, Oxford, England

Job Title: General Manager


Q1 All-inclusive tour or adventure trip?

Without doubt an All-inclusive tour! Day to day life is enough of an adventure for me!

Q2 The hero of my childhood was…

Michael Owen (The England footballer) scored many great goals including a famous hat trick against Germany!

Q3 My favourite book or favourite movie is…

The Peppa Pig cartoon – It’s all I am allowed to watch since the arrival of my 4 year old son!

Q4 Sportsman or couch potato?

I used to be a sportsman however as I get older I am rapidly turning into a couch potato!

Q5 I prefer sweet dishes instead of hearty food. True or not?

Not true – I am a savoury man and love spicy food, however my wife thinks I’m quite sweet.


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