Farewell & Good Luck Bernd!

Director Bernd Oevermann retires after 17 years at the helm of R&HA.

Bernd was there at the birth of Rudolph and Hellmann in the UK in 2000 and has been a key member of the board for many years. He has provided tremendous support to the business as well as the people in it, and will be greatly missed. However, everyone in the company wish him well and hope that he enjoys his well-earned retirement. Bernd has made it clear that he wants all of the employees of R&HA to know that he is grateful for their support and strongly expresses his thanks to the workforce for your hard work and dedication that he has experienced first-hand over the years working with you.

I’m sure everyone will join me in extending best wishes to Bernd in the next steps of his journey.

Nigel Hayes
Chief Executive Officer


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