Emma Wright & Sharon Davey Achieve CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate

The ongoing investment in people within R&HA means our internal HR administration must have the personnel and skills needed to support it. Congratulations to Emma and Sharon, who have just completed their Level 3 CIPD Diploma in Human Resource Practice.

This ensures they have the essential principles of HR, together with the processes and strategies involved in successful personnel management and development. It perfectly equips them to assess skills within the workplace, understand the level of knowledge required for the different roles and levels. In-turn this means the HR department can work with the operational team managers and map, create and transfer effective skill sets that strengthen the workforce.

They are now qualified to support in all legal aspects of personnel management, as well as effective strategies for successful change management. This includes applying techniques for personnel development and motivation of individuals, teams and whole departments. It’s just another step further on the path to making R&HA the automotive sectors leading ‘on-site production logistics’ provider and a better place to develop skills.


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