Cycle To Work Scheme With Cycle Solutions

R&HA have been promoting the cycle to work scheme to employees since 2012 – as a way to promote both a healthier lifestyle for employees  - combined with reduced carbon emissions.

Did you know regular activity significantly reduces the risk of a stroke, heart disease or type 2 diabetes?

The scheme aims to promote a number of other benefits to both the individuals who get involved and also to the environment. Experts within the NHS state that raising the heart rate through exercise just 5 times per week means individuals are 50% less likely to suffer from a stroke, heart disease or type 2 diabetes.  Therefore people cycling to work are more likely to experience these health benefits. Riding to work also means that any annual car running/fuel costs can also be reduced.

49% saving on the retail cost of new bikes and accessories

In signing up for the scheme Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive's employees will typically save between 31% and 48% of the retail cost of brand new bikes and accessories from manufacturers that are also supporting the scheme. Employees that choose to be included in the scheme will also be able to spread the cost of purchasing a new bike and accessories across a flexible period of time, meaning that the financial commitment is kept to a minimum.

Responsible businesses expect all their suppliers to reduce their carbon footprint

R&HA are committed to reducing the adverse effects on the environment through work emissions and providing a sustainable future for all.  As part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and in turn lowering the pollution of Carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons and GHG Greenhouse Gases – we fully promote the ‘Cycle to Work Scheme.’


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