Alina Scoops Ideas Scheme Prize.

We have another winner £2500 with The R&HA Employee Idea Scheme.

Congratulations to Alina Chiriac who has scooped the £2,500 this month.

Alina has been a member of the R&HA family now for 5 years and is a Process Leader in R&HA's Operational team.

Alina’s idea was to utilise 1 team member per shift to cover the pick of 2 comodities that were previously individually picked. This has already been implemented and is another great example of how the R&HA Team are actioning working solutions that are coming from within.

Alina said “It all started few months ago. I noticed that one operative is currently under-utilised. The operative had spare time during the shift and he was always offering to help another operative, to pick a different commodity."

"Seeing that, I started to think that maybe this operative can actually pick that commodity by himself as well as his current workload and conducted a trail, which was successful.  We then implemented the change after further analysis and re-planning"

"It was a smooth change, people adapted fast to it and the change did not cause any operational issues."

"Overall I am happy with this change because I could help in making a positive change for the company and also for the operatives. I am happy because they are happy.”

Jimmy Hamilton UK Strategy Director – “A fantastic idea by Alina that will benefit the R&HA and our client. Our company ethos is to constantly improve our processes and service offering and this is a fine example of how we achieve this. Through the Employee Ideas Scheme we are actively reaching out to the R&HA family with a view to constantly challenge the status quo.”


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