6 R&HA staff complete Mental Health awareness course

Jimmy Hamilton, UK Business Strategy Director was quoted as saying on the 6 members of the R&HA team successful completing the Mental Health awareness course: -

"This is a fantastic achievement and highlights R&HA's commitment to assisting the mental wellbeing of all our team members. It is vital that our we look after the mental wellbeing of our team.
This is a key step in our company wide programme that is being launched shortly".


The E-LEARNING Mental Health awareness training course raises the knowledge base, it explains how to approach mental health and remove stigma; and it also provides simple tools, tips and ideas for day-to-day well being-management.

The course covers topics such as:

• Introduction to Mental Health Awareness
• Associated symptoms
• Causes and treatments related to mental health
• Understanding common types of mental health problems
• Legislation
• Symptoms
• Wellbeing-management
• Mental Health Problems




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