3iii scheme launched to boost ideas and innovation

A new scheme has been launched at R&HA to help boost staff engagement, generate new ideas and iprove the products and services we offer to customers.

The 3iii (improvement, ideas, innovation) scheme aims to empower staff to come up with ideas about how improvements can be made to make everyday tasks easier, create a happier and cleaner workplace for them and a better team environment.

We encourage all our staff to engage with the scheme and submit their ideas, which will be regularly reviewed. Staff who submit ideas can earn points, which can be redeemed against a host of goodies including Bluetooth speakers, Amazon vouchers, wine and sports equipment.

There will also be an annual award of £1,000 for the best individual idea that has the biggest impact in the workplace.

Staff can submit ideas via a custom-built online portal, by answering just four simple questions:


  • What is the idea?
  • How would it be implemented?
  • What impact might it have?
  • How might it improve staff morale?


All submitted ideas will be evaluated and the employees submitting them will receive feedback within 20 days about whether they will be adopted by the company.

All chosen ideas will earn points, which can be cashed in immediately or banked and exchanged for bigger prizes later in the year.

It is hoped that the scheme will improve not only staff morale, but also R&HA’s overall service offering to customers.


Uwe Winter, our CEO, said:

We’re a people-led business so it is absolutely crucial that we give all our staff ownership of the day-to-day running of our operations and encourage them to take responsibility for coming up with new ideas which will help to improve the working environment here at R&HA.

“Our employees are much closer to the daily tasks they undertake while at work than the senior management team are, so this is their opportunity to suggest where improvements can be made to not only make their job roles easier, but also improve the service we offer. The aim of the scheme is to give all staff the opportunity to suggest where R&HA can improve their job roles and processes.

“It’s also about rewarding innovative thinking within the business and giving staff something back in return for their new ideas which have a positive impact on the way we do things here at R&HA.”


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