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Welcome onboard Sam Dunley!

Introducing Sam Dunley, R&HA’s new Business Development Manager.

Sam’s career has always been in the complex world of logistics with several of the largest logistics operators in which she held senior roles progressing to Director level. Utilising her vast experience in international logistics operations enabled Sam to secure major contracts with many global brands by providing innovative, customer-centric solutions. Working with brands ranging from Automotive and pharmaceutical e-commerce to heavy engineering and manufacturing, all of which exposed Sam to a vast array of solutions and a worldwide network of contacts. Sam has also had the opportunity to live and work overseas enabling her to operate in multicultural environments.

R&HA is an exciting opportunity

Sam was made aware of the R&HA opportunity and the role was a perfect fit. Whilst happy working in a freelance environment, what she missed was working with a Team and sharing ideas and success. The role at R&HA outlined provided the best of all worlds, and allowed her to pursue her passion.

"Understanding the challenges from a client perspective and designing a solution which achieves their goals is what I enjoy most about my role. To quickly grasp the complexities of what the client does, whilst drawing upon past experiences to creatively solve the issues identified. Thinking outside the box, to develop a picture of what success looks like. Then working within the clients’ frame of reference to articulate the solution back to them and manage expectations."

Sam Dunley Business Development Manager, Rudolph & Hellmann Automotive

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