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The Onsite Manufacturing Logistics Magnificent 7

R&HA are proud of their reputation for developing 'home grown talent' and we feel we have one of the strongest onsite logistics teams in the UK.


Understanding manufacturing logistics from the individual’s perspective

One of the key advantages of having people at the top of their profession; people who understand the challenges of the roles which make any manufacturing business tick; is they can see things from a personal perspective. Winning the hearts and minds of everyone in the business isn't easy, it doesn't happen overnight, but it has the power to transform a business. It starts with earning respect and building trust. Our leadership team have risen through the ranks. They have a close connection with the people, because they listen to understand, and then identify and resolve any issues. They know what a difference the people can make, and this has been the basis for R&HA's success.


Imagine if you could call upon this expertise?

What if you had a team of specialists on hand to support your business make the transformational changes needed to innovate, become leaner and efficient? The good news is that this is all a part of the service package offered to our onsite manufacturing logistics clients. In conducting the onboarding process, this is the team who will be involved in scoping every detail - so the process runs as smoothly as possible. They will know your business, the identified challenges, look for any hidden potential issues - and be available to support you in the transition to outsourcing your onsite logistics.


Once you have transitioned your onsite logistics the support can be more diverse

Our approach is collaborative, and although it's focused delivering upon the agreed KPI's, we often provide an independent sounding board for clients on issues which arise outside our remit. Giving you access to a talent pool which has global experience. One which encompasses all aspects of manufacturing from compliance to the most sensitive workforce negotiations. There is no substitute for experience and a successful track record - and we have both!

They can be called upon to advise on specific issues, extending and supporting your internal team – at zero additional cost.

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Here’s how the 360 onsite logistics audit and assessment works!

Put us to the test, what have you got to lose?

Contact us for a FREE ‘on site' logistics audit – carried out under a non disclosure agreement - our findings will be reported in full confidence and will provide a detailed analysis of where savings and improvements can be made.

There’s only one condition - you must be UK based and be operating in the automotive sector, with a head count of around 25 - 30 or more operating in logistics roles.

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