MINI Plant Oxford Celebrates Production Milestone - the F6X Model Banner

MINI Plant Oxford Celebrates Production Milestone - the F6X Model

The all-new fifth generation MINI F6X model rolled off the production line


Monday 11th March was a historic day as it marked the start of production for the new, fifth generation MINI Cooper at the home of MINI, Plant Oxford. This event marked a significant milestone, not just for the factory, but for the enduring legacy of the MINI itself. The F6X Model was a highly anticipated vehicle, shrouded in secrecy until its official unveiling, it promises to be a game-changer and the launch lived up to the hype. The success of the F6X launch wasn't a singular achievement.  It was a testament to the dedication and collaboration between a skilled workforce, innovative engineering and a commitment to excellence that is synonymous with the BMW brand. Months of meticulous planning went into the launch, ensuring a smooth transition from prototype to production. The Oxford plant underwent significant upgrades to accommodate the F6X's unique features. This involved not only installing new machinery and tooling but also upskilling the workforce through comprehensive training programmes. The plant's commitment to employee development ensured a seamless production process right from the start.


“This milestone underscores our commitment to our roots while propelling us into a dynamic future of driving. Plant Oxford is the heart of the MINI brand, and today, as we witness the birth of this new chapter, we renew our pledge to craftsmanship and the thrill of motoring."

Stefanie Wurst Head of MINI


The MINI Plant Oxford is more than just an assembly line

The MINI Plant Oxford is the spiritual home of MINI and for over 60 years, the factory has churned out countless iterations of the beloved car. The E model embodies the spirit of fun, innovation and individuality. The F6X launch signifies the continuation of this remarkable journey, seamlessly blending tradition with cutting-edge technology.

Charlie Cooper, the grandson of John Cooper – the man who helped develop the original Mini and inspired the "Cooper" name – had the distinct honour of driving the very first F6X model off the production line. This symbolic gesture solidified the connection between the car's illustrious past and its bright future.


The F6X Model MINI's electric future

The interior gets a modern refresh, featuring updated technology and infotainment systems, all designed to elevate the driving experience without compromising the car's signature go-kart-like handling. The F6X paves the way for MINI's electric future. While the initial launch focuses on fuel-powered models, the Oxford plant is undergoing a £600 million transformation to accommodate the production of fully electric MINIs by 2026. This strategic move ensures MINI stays at the forefront of the automotive industry's shift towards sustainable mobility.


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