2024 is shaping up to be a hectic year! Banner

2024 is shaping up to be a hectic year!

MINI will launch internal combustion engine variants of its vehicles over the course of 2024 offering its customers the choice of different drivetrain technologies.


Biggest model change at Plant Oxford since 2014

This year the plant will start producing the next generation MINI 3-door and MINI 5-door with combustion engines, as well as the new MINI Convertible, before they are joined by the new all-electric vehicles in 2026 – the MINI Cooper 3-door and the MINI Aceman. As the MINI celebrates its 65th year in production, it will also mark a 111 year milestone for the manufacturing facility at the BMW Group Plant Oxford.


Launch of the New MINI Family

The truly exciting part of the New MINI Family launch lies in the future. In 2026, BMW Group Plant Oxford will commence production of two all-electric MINIs: the MINI Cooper 3-door and the compact crossover MINI Aceman. This marks a significant milestone in MINI's transition to becoming a fully electric brand by the early 2030s.

Overall, the launch of the New MINI Family and the pivotal role of BMW Group Plant Oxford mark an exciting chapter in MINI's history. The focus on both traditional combustion engine models and cutting-edge electric vehicles ensures that MINI caters to a diverse range of customer preferences while paving the way for a sustainable future. As more details emerge in the coming months, the anticipation for this next generation of MINIs is sure to reach new heights.

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