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Home Grown Timber - promoting a career in logistics

20th May 2024
R&HA are launching a new strategy to engage with youngsters in the local area to promote a career in logistics. It celebrates our ethos of 'Home Grown Timber' where we prefer to develop people in-house and provide rapid career development.
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Congratulations Sorin

6th May 2024
Sorin has been appointed to take on the role as Health & Safety Manager, and returns to R&HA after two years as a Health and Safety Consultant.
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2024 Carbon Neutral

29th April 2024
One of our targets for 2024 was to be able to declare our Head Office at Lichfield as carbon neutral - and we are on our way to achieve it!
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Farewell Aubrey

22nd April 2024
Aubrey Leeson Group Environmental, Health & Safety Manager is moving on to take up a similar role in Weymouth within the semiconductor and electronics assembly sector. Sorin has been appointed to take on the role as Health & Safety Manager.
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Troubleshooting Onsite Logistics Processes

5th February 2024
Our management team are so respected, they are often parachuted in to support other logistics partners to troubleshoot new operations, document processes and generally provide their expert analysis.
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2024 UK Manufacturing Challenges

15th January 2024
Sustainability, skills, supply chains and digitalisation are sighted as the greatest challenges to UK Manufacturing according to The Manufacturer, but there are other factors to consider.
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106th SMMT Annual Dinner

13th December 2023
Rudolph and Hellmann were delighted to be represented at arguably the automotive sectors most prestigious annual events.
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ESG and net zero manufacturing

6th November 2023
Helping manufacturers increase their insight into their supply chains, environmental impact and employee safety, whilst improving operational efficiency by reducing costs and waste.
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Digitisation, IIoT and manufacturing

30th October 2023
Working with the biggest brands in automotive means we are exposed to the latest trends in technology. We can bring this knowledge and experience to SME manufacturing environments and accelerate your strategic adoption.
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Family fun day huge success!

28th July 2023
On Sunday 23rd July, there was a ‘Family Day’ where associates working at BMW Group Plant Oxford could bring their families to see where they work, tour the production line with their children and show them how the iconic cars are made.
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Digital Transformation on a global scale

24th July 2023
R&HA are now actively involved in BMW Group's accelerated digital transformation through its strategic partnership with SAP to move all manufacturing plants and dealers to a single IT system which harmonises processes globally.
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The Midlands Economic Summit 2023

8th June 2023
As the Financial Director of Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive, I had the privilege of attending the Midlands Economic Summit held on the 7th of June at the prestigious Vox in Birmingham.
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The Future of the Automotive Aftermarket

20th April 2023
The automotive aftermarket is a multi-billion dollar industry that provides parts, services, and repairs for vehicles. It is a vital part of the automotive industry, and it is expected to grow in the coming years.
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Tomorrow's competitive advantage starts today

20th April 2023
Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive (R&HA) offers adaptive logistics solutions built for the automotive OEMs and manufacturing supply chain. Our solutions are designed to help you reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase flexibility.
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R&HA renews EcoVadis silver status

28th July 2020
The Silver Status certification from global procurement market intelligence provider EcoVadis underlines our ability to adhere to best-in-class standards in sustainability, procurement, environmental impact, training, business ethics and quality assurance
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Investing in our future leaders

29th November 2019
Changes to the way apprenticeships are funded have enabled R&HA to invest in our workforce and develop our next generation of business leaders.
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R&HA hits year-long pallet safety record

25th November 2019
Our body-in-white (BIW) assembly team passed a major health and safety milestone recently after going for a whole year of operation without dropping a single pallet on the day shift.
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The evolution of RH&A

16th September 2019
The automotive sector has always moved quickly. Renowned for innovation and breakthroughs in technology, the industry has never really stood still.
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Raising The Standards

21st May 2018
Achieving two new internationally recognised levels of accreditation and transitioning to ISO 9001:2015 means Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive are operating to some of the highest management standards in the sector.
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Launch of Employee Rewards Scheme

30th April 2018
R&HA are focused upon building a powerful performance-based culture of recognition to attract, engage and retain the best talent. This starts with putting people in control of their lives and rewarding engagement.
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Cycle to work scheme

8th January 2018
R&HA have been promoting the cycle to work scheme to employees since 2012 – as a way to promote both a healthier lifestyle for employees - combined with reduced carbon emissions.
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Investing in training from the ground up!

11th December 2017
My goal is to help everyone achieve their full potential. So we create a culture where our people have the ambition, confidence, resilience and skills to respond to workplace challenges. I believe this will give us better employee motivation and well-bein
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Rudolph goes west

4th December 2017
A new milestone for Rudolph Logistic Group. From September the Rudolph Logistics is expanding its services to North America. The new logistics center is in Greer, South Carolina.
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‘Win Win’ Contract!

6th November 2017
R&HA have won one of the largest third party contracts for provision of ‘on-site production logistics’ services, in the UK. In return, the OEM received a completely flexible logistics solution with operational performance and significant cost benefits.
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A seamless move into new logistics hub

9th November 2015
When a customer made a substantial investment in a state-of-the-art warehouse and logistics facility, Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive ensured there was no disruption to the production line during the transition.
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Spotlight On... Lee Thomas

13th August 2015
I started working for Rudolph and Hellman Automotive in 2014 as Operations Manager at the ZF contract in Darlaston, reporting into Mick Cook the Contract Manager.
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10 and 15 year service awards 18th May 2015

7th August 2015
As a sector logistics is typically one which has a high turnover of people, yet year on year Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive experience what we believe to be industry leading standards of retention.
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“It’s all about on time delivery”

30th July 2015
If we are to continually improve productivity and motivation we need to empower individuals to contribute to common goals. This means breaking down political and personal barriers, eliminating distractions, and having fun.
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Talent Spotting in Automotive Logistics

15th July 2015
With the exponential growth currently being enjoyed in the automotive sector, both OEMs and automotive logistic organisations are looking to bolster operational and planning teams.
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Europe – what's your view?

10th July 2015
Here are few things to consider when you are debating the ‘in-out’ of the EU and your livelihood is dependent upon the Automotive Industry
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Spotlight On... Karen Fisher

5th April 2015
I joined Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive on the 2nd February 2015. The challenge of developing the HR strategy for this exciting phase in the businesses growth is what attracted me to the role.
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10 Years Loyalty & Effort Rewarded

30th April 2013
Another 7 Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive employees passed their 10 year milestone. A presentation to mark the occasion was held at the Oxford manufacturing site on the 19th December 2012.
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‘Wear it Pink’

16th April 2013
The ‘Wear it Pink’ fundraising program is a registered part of the Breast Cancer Campaign
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Just another day at the office!

30th November 2012
The launch of new model variations into production means parts for pre-vehicles are controlled and managed through a separate logistics process controlled directly by the OEM’s launch team.
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Finance team key to supporting growth

30th November 2012
As the UK Automotive industry slowly grows out of the economic downturn, Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive is positioning itself to be able to grow alongside its current and potential OEM, 1st and 2nd tier automotive customers.
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Hire the brains without the brawn

13th July 2012
Our team of widely experienced automotive logistics experts have an incredible record for reducing cost from any area of your supply chain. Their solutions and expertise stretch from line side to transport, warehousing and everything in between.
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2 Million Vehicles and Counting

31st March 2012
The 2 million vehicle milestone was reached on Thursday the 6th of October 2011, on the evening shift of production at the UK plant in Oxford.
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Simon Street – Management Accountant

31st March 2012
Since joining Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive I have worked my way up through the ranks, learning as much as I can about each role and how both the company and industry works.
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Dave Pearson

31st March 2012
At the tender age of 15 in 1958, Dave Pearson joined Pressed Steel and started a career in the automotive business which was to run for a glorious fifty-three years and twenty-one days.
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Farewell, Sir Uwe

8th July 2011
The Highly successful logistics joint venture of Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive would not have been possible without the strong leadership of Uwe Roth, of Rudolph Logistics.
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Lightweight car special project team

2nd November 2010
As engineers of continual improvement and change, Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive are better equipped to respond to a ‘time and cost sensitive’ challenge.
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Activity Based Costs

18th August 2010
Are Activity Based Costs more flexible and deliver greater returns for automotive manufacturers?
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Fixed Price per Car

11th August 2010
Does a ‘fixed price per car’ deliver greater profitability for automotive manufacturers?
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A Mini adventure just in time

1st January 2008
Five years ago (in April) the Rover plant in Oxford became the BMW Group’s Mini plant and its fortunes since have, thankfully, far exceeded those of its predecessor.
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