Contract Logistics

Contract Logistics

Flexible contract logistics with adaptive pricing makes you leaner and more competitive

If the key focus is to create a dynamic ‘on site’ supply chain resource which can flex with production to give you optimum efficiency, then you need options when it comes to the contracting of your internal logistics functions.

That’s why you don’t want to get locked into any complex and lengthy contracts with penalty clauses and long termination periods.

You need a solution that’s right for your current circumstances whilst recognising that they may, and probably will, change.

You need a contract that delivers you the results you need – when you need them

Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive believe in flexibility and, of course, we have contracts, which outline the rules, objectives and KPI’s by which our success is measured against your specifications. However, we offer you a variety of contract options within which we can operate - keeping you in control:

  • Fixed Term Contracts - from months to years depending upon your requirements;
  • Rolling Contracts - should you wish to continue a fixed term contract but not wish to enter into another fixed term contract;
  • Project Based Contracts - if you have a specific, defined project that you would like us to work on.

You may have an idea of the area within your internal logistics operation which you would like us to evaluate or, it may be that you are looking to make overall improvements.

Whatever your requirements we conduct a full audit of your internal logistics – we need to understand your business and the whole ‘on site’ supply chain. Once this FREE evaluation is complete, it highlights our recommendations, provides projections of the potential gains or improvements which could be achieved, and options on implementation. Finally, it will also provide you with the contract options available for the work to be undertaken.

FREE ‘on site' logistics audit to determine your internal supply chain needs

If you could learn where to make improvements within your internal supply chain logistics at absolutely no risk and no cost – would you be interested?

All FREE ‘on site' logistics audits are conducted in absolute confidence and may even be carried out covertly should you wish. You will be fully protected from disclosure of any findings to third parties. To find out more about what the FREE ‘on site' logistics audit - Click Here!

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