Free 'On Site' Logistics Audit

FREE ‘on site' logistics audit - help you drive out unnecessary cost

There is no substitute for experience, and we don’t have consultants!

This may appear a strange statement, but the difference at Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive is that the management teams has worked at every level of the automotive logistics sector. We call this ‘home grown timber’ and the advantages are huge. A ‘from the ground up’ understanding of internal logistics is essential if we are to quickly and accurately assess and benchmark your ‘on-site’ logistics efficiency.

The ‘on site' logistics audit will provide you with a benchmark percentage rating against what is achievable through better allocation and deployment of your current infrastructure.

The following five core areas of your internal logistics will be assessed:

Inbound Logistics
Inbound Vehicle Management
Stock Integrity & Allocation
Product Location

Product Management
Product Grouping
Stock Turns
Product Zoning

Product Pick & Dispatch
Execution & Future Production Forecasting etc
Pick Rate
Pick Method
Pick Face Replenishment

Production Line Interface
Delivery To Line - Stock Visibility & Accountability
Variability & Customisation

Outbound Logistics
Outbound Vehicle Management
Reverse Logistics Process
Despatch Stock Management

The report is a comprehensive assessment of your performance against current achievable industry standards.

You will get a 150 point detailed analysis of your efficiency rating against the 5 core areas incorporating the points below:

  • Production Execution and Future Production Forecasting
  • Process and Workflow Management 
  • Process Development and Error Proofing
  • Systems Development Including Maintenance and Repair Planning
  • Reporting and Supply Chain Performance Data - Needed for Strategic Decision-making
  • People Allocation, Skills Transfer and Labour Resource Management
  • Materials Handling Equipment and Warehousing Infrastructure
  • Scalability, KPI's and Annual Seasonality
  • Health & Safety Risk Assessment
  • Future Proofing and Contingency Provision


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