FAQS about the FREE ‘on site'logistics audit 

The approach taken in providing a FREE ‘on site' logistics audit of this depth and intensity is not typical within the logistics industry, so we appreciate you will have many questions regarding how it is conducted, what happens with the findings, and whether you have undertaken to commit to any actions having received the results.

Firstly let us clarify – YOU WILL BE UNDER NO OBLIGATION

The FREE ‘on site' logistics audit is a way of demonstrating our expertise. If we find your internal logistics process is running efficiently, we are happy to walk away knowing there is little value we can add.

Should we identify areas of improvement, you will have a percentage score of your current efficiency levels against those we believe to be achievable.

Why the percentage awarded will be measured against what is achievable with your current infrastructure

We understand you may not have the resources or capacity to order new equipment, commission a different warehouse management system or change your warehouse facility. What you will get is a score against the efficiency that could be achieved with a little process redevelopment, training and better allocation of existing resources.

How the efficiency ratings work

Projections of efficiency will be in the favour of the existing infrastructure, i.e. if we assess an area as 70% efficient, the minimum we would expect to improve that areas efficiency by is 30%. Our experience is that we can make improvements of 20% plus be self-funding and cost saving. In other words you will get a more efficient ‘on site logistics’ process at less cost.

If the improvement is less than 20%, i.e. you are running at 80% plus, then you will be given tips absolutely free of how you can improve on these areas.

What if significant investment could dramatically improve your internal logistics?

If we identify an area where new equipment and investment will make a significant difference we will make these findings known in the report together with an expected return on investment projection.

Absolute discretion guaranteed through our binding NDA

All FREE ‘on site' logistics audits are conducted in absolute confidence and may even be carried out covertly should you wish. You will be fully protected from disclosure of any findings to third parties by our Non Disclosure Agreement – or we are happy to sign your Non Disclosure Agreement should you have one in place.

What Happens Next?

The process is broken down into these simple steps:

STEP 1 – You complete the online FREE ‘on site' logistics audit request form.

STEP 2 – You will receive an email confirming your request and the following steps.

STEP 3 – You or your nominated representative will receive a telephone call to arrange a convenient date and time to conduct the audit.

During this telephone call we will profile your site and provide an estimate of the projected time required to conduct the audit.

Our ‘on site' logistics specialist will require a representative from your company for the duration of the audit.

STEP 4 - We will send through confirmation of the date the audit is to be conducted, the location, your nominated representative, the ‘on site' logistics specialist conducting the audit, and a briefing pack outlining the areas we will need to see and the questions we need answering.

STEP 5 – Once the FREE ‘on site' logistics audit is complete, a report will be compiled. This typically takes 7 days and you will be asked to make time available when the findings may be presented.

STEP 6 – Findings Report Meeting - you will be presented with a bound report providing specific efficiency performance levels and an executive summary. Within this report there will also be a proposal for any functions highlighted as specific problem areas. You will be provided with cost options, delivery proposition and return on investment projection KPI’s.

STEP 7 – You will be contacted a week following the meeting to establish if any aspects of the report or proposal are of interest and appropriate actions taken.

STEP 8 – You will be retained on our marketing database unless you specify otherwise or choose to opt out at a later date.

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