Outbound logistics looks very different for OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers
UK Automotive Onsite Logistics Outbound logistics looks very different for OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers Providing onsite logistics for automotive OEMs, means we understand both parties needs. This experience benefits our Tier 1 customers more, because typically, there is greater scope for improvement. Removing logistics inefficiencies helps Tier 1 manufacturers mitigate margin compression, optimise production, and free-up space.

> Outbound Logistics.

Revealing the hidden costs of operating inefficiently is what we do. Our outbound logistics services, especially when working with UK based Tier 1 manufacturers, has the potential to highlight savings which are both significant and surprising. Operating onsite, managing the outbound logistics operations, provides the greatest potential for identifying cost reduction in Tier 1 manufacturing.


Next-generation logistics solutions

  • 360 onsite logistics audit & assessment
  • Optimise current process and eradicate waste
  • Identify 'next generation' transition needs
  • Provide change management solutions
  • Targeted micro projects approach
  • Shared risk and rewards contracts
  • Performance ROI guarantee
  • Outsource your biggest headaches
  • Help manage your transition challenges

It starts with a conversation - get in touch!

Tier 1 suppliers are used to getting margins squeezed, however the current increases in material and labour costs are compressing margins on contracts with limited pricing flexibility.

How can we help you drive out waste from your outbound logistics operations? Working with the largest automotive brands to continuously improve and optimise their inbound logistics efficiency, means our team are experts on the issues Tier 1 manufacturers face. We can enhance your supply chain alignment with your automotive OEM's, but we can do much more.

The first step in optimising your outbound logistics operations, is by creating clarity on 'what and where' logistics touches your manufacturing process. Separating this out means you can focus on your core business and be more responsive to growing manufacturing. It provides greater transparency and the real costs breakdown of manufacturing, inventory and logistics - helping create a culture of continuous improvement.

Turn change into an advantage and rethink how 'Stop Start' logistics can become your strategic advantage.

Environmental and social governance  

Environmental and social governance

As ESG compliance obligations are being introduced into governmental legislation, it's impacting the automotive supply chain. As OEMs take actions to reduce their emissions using ESG metrics, they must include the actions of those in their supply chain. This means suppliers will need to undergo an ESG self-assessment questionnaire, and take relevant actions for its compliance.

Our expertise in this area can help you confidently navigate through the many layers and apply what's needed, where, quickly and efficiently.

Despatch stock management  

Despatch stock management

Despatch stock management is a difficult balance between holding surplus warehouse stock and wasted costs, or limited stock which makes meeting customer demands difficult.

Despatch stock management is all about finding a happy medium between customer satisfaction and capital preservation. Our team have developed robust systems, processes and tools to ensure managing stock levels both meet performance and demand targets, while minimising inventory costs.

Reverse logistics  

Reverse logistics

Contracts spell out needs for special handling, often driving the requirements for specialist repeat-use packaging and transportation cradles.

Reverse logistics is the return of specialist packaging and cradles from their end destination within the manufacturing plant back along the supply chain. As an expensive Tier 1 resource and essential to the outbound logistics process, it’s essential you have visibility on the packaging and cradles through the supply chain cycle.

Outbound vehicle management  

Outbound vehicle management

There may be extensive transport and logistics savings to be made, whether it's shipping too many part loads instead of full loads, other consequences of your supply chains not being optimised.

Although outbound vehicle logistics costs represent a small fraction of your total costs, they negatively affect the bottom line. Our experience will help identify potential savings through working smarter, not necessarily providing lower cost transportation services.

Best in class processes, systems, and procedures  

Best in class processes, systems, and procedures

Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive are specialists in onsite logistics. Our people work with the worlds biggest automotive brands and have access to the latest technology, thinking and resources to optimise your logistics operations and processes.

Our team will give you a greater understanding of your true logistics costs, their nature, behaviour, possible containment strategies, and inter-organisational effects.

How we work with you  

How we work with you

You may have identified a specific problem area or simply feel something could be improved and need a general review.

If you like what we suggest, you’ll get options on how you can move forward. Typically this is working on a fully costed smaller project with a performance guarantee. This means you can see how we work, and gauge the results for yourself at zero risk.

The first step is a free audit – we want to understand your business – if we can add value, we’ll tell you where, how much and the projected ROI.


Here’s how the 360 onsite logistics audit and assessment works!

Put us to the test, what have you got to lose?

Contact us for a FREE ‘on site' logistics audit – carried out under a non disclosure agreement - our findings will be reported in full confidence and will provide a detailed analysis of where savings and improvements can be made.

There’s only one condition - you must be UK based and be operating in the automotive sector, with a head count of around 25 - 30 or more operating in logistics roles.

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