Flexible contract logistics with adaptive pricing makes you leaner and more competitive
ONSITE MANUFACTURING LOGISTICS Flexible contract logistics with adaptive pricing makes you leaner and more competitive There are eight key elements to making a great product, and 50% of them are strongly influenced by logistics. However, if you speak with a manufacturer outside the automotive sector, their views, understanding, and definition of logistics will be very different.


Could 'Stop-Start' onsite logistics be your strategic advantage?

The level and detail of cost analysis in automotive manufacturing is where other manufacturers can take note to either increase profits, become more competitive, or both. In automotive manufacturing the logistics operations are clearly defined—they have to be. With an average vehicle using 25,000 different parts in its assembly—and every operation needing to seamlessly integrate because they are timed to the second—manufacturing is nimble. It's also highly responsive to changes—with flexibility built into every logistics function, so it can stop and start, operating with highly optimised cost centres.


Next-generation logistics solutions

  • 360 onsite logistics audit & assessment
  • Optimise current process and eradicate waste
  • Identify 'next generation' transition needs
  • Provide change management solutions
  • Targeted micro projects approach
  • Shared risk and rewards contracts
  • Performance ROI guarantee
  • Outsource your biggest headaches
  • Help manage your transition challenges

It starts with a conversation - get in touch!

What can any large-scale manufacturer in the UK learn from automotive OEMs, and their approach to logistics? The automotive sector is unlike any other in its need to cope with disruptions, manage transition, and continually optimise its supply chain, by isolating costs and minimising risk.

What if we could share these insights? Provide you with world class expertise, a ‘pick and mix’ approach of packaged logistics solutions, delivered in an agile methodology. Our 'stop start' logistics solutions provide you with the ultimate flexibility. Enabling you to clearly identify and continually adapt your manufacturing logistics functions, workforce, compliance, sustainability, and utilise the latest technologies. We have the expertise and change management experience to help you build flexibility into every logistics function. So your manufacturing can operate with highly optimised cost centres, with transparent minimum level activity pricing which is able to scale with predictable performance and zero hassle.

Turn change into an advantage and rethink how 'Stop Start' logistics can become your strategic advantage.




Logistics-oriented manufacturing strategies involve decisions that have long-term implications. They provide a competitive advantage that, unlike pricing or other actions, is hard for competitors to duplicate. Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive pioneered adaptive logistics solutions for the UK automotive OEMs and manufacturing supply chain. The key focus then was to create a dynamic ‘onsite’ supply chain resource which can flex with production to give you optimum efficiency. We've been continually improving processes in a partnership approach, working to a shared risks and rewards philosophy, ever since.


What if you took this concept and applied it in your product manufacturing?

What if you only carried the overhead for minimum capacity, and paid as you go at an agreed fixed rate when production exceeds this volume? With access to the best people, best systems, best negotiators—and only pay for them as and when you need them—that is stop-start logistics. We understand people are at the heart of any ‘onsite’ supply chain solution. This is why a flexible labour solution can only be achieved by creating a culture within the workforce based upon respect and personal improvement. Then integrating your core workforce with an ‘on demand’ supply of a managed agency labour, under the careful supervision of R&HA.

Your expertise is in manufacturing your product. Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive specialise in delivering agile, lean ‘onsite’ supply chain systems and processes. The first step is a 360 onsite logistics audit.



Here’s how the 360 onsite logistics audit and assessment works!

Put us to the test, what have you got to lose?

Contact us for a FREE ‘on site' logistics audit – carried out under a non disclosure agreement - our findings will be reported in full confidence and will provide a detailed analysis of where savings and improvements can be made.

There’s only one condition - you must be UK based and be operating in the automotive sector, with a head count of around 25 - 30 or more operating in logistics roles.

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