Automotive manufacturing is so much more than making cars
UK Onsite Automotive Logistics Automotive manufacturing is so much more than making cars Whatever vehicle you manufacture, or support as a Tier 1 supplier - we can help you make your onsite logistics smarter, leaner and more cost-effective. We are prepared to work on the smallest of contracts to prove how you can drive out excess cost and inefficiency, through better processes, systems, and training.

> Automotive Logistics Consultancy.

We can help you identify and actively drive out cost - but it's important to note, we're not consultants. However, the first step is to understand your product and logistics operations, your customers, and your biggest headaches. Then we provide an objective analysis, ROI cost projections, and if our solutions are implemented - we guarantee you’ll achieve the agreed cost saving, or we pay!

Next-generation logistics solutions

  • 360 onsite logistics audit & assessment
  • Optimise current process and eradicate waste
  • Identify 'next generation' transition needs
  • Provide change management solutions
  • Targeted micro projects approach
  • Shared risk and rewards contracts
  • Performance ROI guarantee
  • Outsource your biggest headaches
  • Help manage your transition challenges

It starts with a conversation - get in touch!

R&HA are the UK's leading onsite automotive logistics provider. We specialise in the design and implementation of agile logistics solutions for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. If you have between 20 to 30 people working in logistics roles, we're confident we can help you make savings.

Our 360 onsite logistics audit & assessment will do more than provide cost reductions, it will highlight the savings in space, resource, time, plus address any other issues we've identified, or you have raised. Whether you're driving the change to become leaner, greener, or for greater flexibility; or the changes are being dictated to you. We'll help you develop a robust project plan to manage the changes and challenges ahead.

All too often consultants design a solution for an ideal world, but not practical for a busy manufacturing environment. Which is why we provide solutions with options, share the risk, and give you a performance guarantee.

Turn change into an advantage and rethink how 'Stop Start' logistics can become your strategic advantage.

Process design & validation  

Process design & validation

Which internal logistics function do you want to improve, what resources are available and where are the boundaries?

The principles and indicators of the process to be designed and implemented to provide you with a KPI framework. Key issues are identified, targets for improvement are agreed, resources, training and handover defined.

Commitment to the process is initiated, resources deployed, and transparent KPI framework shared with stakeholders.

Change management solutions  

Change management solutions

Managing and implementing change within an organisation is a critical tool for businesses that want to stay competitive.

The key challenges in change management for your logistics or line feed processes include resistance to change from employees, lack of resources or expertise, insufficient communication or planning, and unexpected disruptions to the supply chain.

There isn’t a one size fits all, but there are common challenges, key principles, and effective strategies we can share with you.

Technology & real-time reporting  

Technology & real-time reporting

Assembly line downtime is expensive and if you fail to meet delivery deadlines costs can escalate rapidly.

A lack of end-to-end visibility is a major supply chain risk factor and a potential source of vulnerability. The right technology and reporting increases agility and gives greater resilience to complex, risky and under stress automotive supply chains.

Access to the right real-time supply chain performance data, improves decision-making and automates continuous improvement.

API solutions  

API solutions

With so many facets to manufacturing in the fast pace environment of automotive logistics, API’s are an essential component.

API‘s facilitate the collection and provision of information supporting your onsite and logistics activities. The combination of real-time and historic performance data helps develop realistic KPI’s. Objectively managing as dwell time, OTIF and punctuality. Data can be fed from multiple sources into a single real-time dashboard.

Leveraging multiple technologies identifies and helps eliminate unnecessary operational costs and increase flexibility and agility.

Workforce management systems  

Workforce management systems

Helping you implement tools to plan, track, stay compliant, and manage the allocation and requirements of your labour resources.

Recruiting, onboarding, employee scheduling, workforce planning, Shifts design and optimisation. Our focus is developing a flexing workforce and optimisation of working hours. We help you improve employee productivity, minimise errors, decrease labour costs, and improve recruiting by engaging employees.

Making sure employees' individual interests are more systematically aligned with operational requirements.

How we work with you  

How we work with you

You may have identified a specific problem area or simply feel something could be improved and need a general review.

If you like what we suggest, you’ll get options on how you can move forward. Typically this is working on a fully costed smaller project with a performance guarantee. This means you can see how we work, and gauge the results for yourself at zero risk.

The first step is a free audit – we want to understand your business – if we can add value, we’ll tell you where, how much and the projected ROI.


Here’s how the 360 onsite logistics audit and assessment works!

Put us to the test, what have you got to lose?

Contact us for a FREE ‘on site' logistics audit – carried out under a non disclosure agreement - our findings will be reported in full confidence and will provide a detailed analysis of where savings and improvements can be made.

There’s only one condition - you must be UK based and be operating in the automotive sector, with a head count of around 25 - 30 or more operating in logistics roles.

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