Inbound logistics for automotive vehicle manufacturers is changing fast - are you ready?
UK Automotive Onsite Logistics Inbound logistics for automotive vehicle manufacturers is changing fast - are you ready? The transition to electrification and next generation mobility means inbound logistics is progressively juggling the old with the new. How are you rethinking your logistics to manage the changes?

> Inbound Automotive Logistics.

The Automotive Logistics Industry relies on efficient unloading, warehousing, picking, sequencing and storage for line feed and despatch processes – which are dependant on the movement of parts from manufacturing supply chain and storage facilities. We understand the challenges from both an OEM and Tier 1 perspective, and can optimise your automotive supply chain for today, and for the transformational challenges coming.


Next-generation logistics solutions

  • 360 onsite logistics audit & assessment
  • Optimise current process and eradicate waste
  • Identify 'next generation' transition needs
  • Provide change management solutions
  • Targeted micro projects approach
  • Shared risk and rewards contracts
  • Performance ROI guarantee
  • Outsource your biggest headaches
  • Help manage your transition challenges

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Inbound logistics has evolved over the past decades to manage an increase in highly customised products, whilst coping with fluctuating and unpredictable volumes. But the levels of change within automotive manufacturing over the next decade, is likely to exceed any in living history. 

The technology changes ahead mean the inbound logistics will have to deal with even greater complexity and parts. Car ownership has shifted to car user-ship, tech start-ups and ‘mobility as a service’ are already disrupting the automotive sector. This means automotive OEMs, and Tier 1 manufacturers have to deal with the transformation of technology, launch new models, at a time of huge change. To accomodate this, and to effectively manage the global automotive supply chain challenges, as well as those local to the UK, their inbound logistics need to implement highly flexible, agile solutions.

Turn change into an advantage and rethink how 'Stop Start' logistics can become your strategic advantage.

Inbound component & supplier management  

Inbound component & supplier management

Reduced inventory levels and 'JIT' make inbound logistics one of the most important cost factors in the supply chain.

It should be a key focus to optimise costs, increase efficiency and communications. With rising energy, fuel prices, and workforce costs, plus hidden charges such as environmental compliance - more businesses are controlling their inbound logistics instead of leaving it to their suppliers.

R&HA has unrivalled experience in automotive production, technology, and vehicle parts. Helping you eliminate unnecessary operational costs and increase inbound logistics flexibility and agility.

Packaging design, re-packing and quality evaluation  

Packaging design, re-packing and quality evaluation

Evaluating inbound logistics, and the processes to decant, store, inspect and prepare for line feed can dramatically optimise efficiency – packaging is often overlooked.

This is because the on-site needs often conflicts with the demands of part protection, transport efficiency and line-side access. However, innovative solutions for packaging can streamline operations, and often benefit the supplier who is less incentivised to invest in exploring options.

R&HA simplifies the complex and optimising multiple, aligned, supply chain activities. Helping you identify, innovate, and realise hidden savings.

Optimising and managing customs operations  

Optimising and managing customs operations

With access to our two parent companies resources and expertise, means our knowledge and reach within the global supply chain is unique.

The benefits of a custom bonded stores within your inbound process can deliver substantial cash-flow benefits, because the tax duty is suspended until parts are called off. R&HA develop solutions that can utilise current on-site space or an off-site location, to operate a customs bonded store.

Volatile markets and the disruptive shift to e-mobility are creating completely new challenges for global supply chains. Our expertise and resources can provide you with a fresh perspective.

Stock management near the assembly line  

Stock management near the assembly line

The silver bullet for any automotive OEM is, how to simplify inbound logistics to assembly lines, including kitting operations and, in some cases, insourcing.

The transition to electrification and next generation mobility means production experts anticipate a change from the traditional assembly line layout that has dominated the industry for nearly a century. Instead, OEMs are expected to increasingly orientate their plants and supply chains around more flexible, digitally enabled vendor managed inventory programmes technologically aligned with automotive manufacturers.

Helping you get the right item, in the right place, at the right time with minimised costs and effort.

Storage of auto parts and order planning  

Storage of auto parts and order planning

Want a more flexible production planning solution based on prioritisation of supply?

Multiple factors are converging in the automotive industry, making day-to-day supply chain management more complex than ever. Digitising your production flows can increase transparency and provide a better picture of your total logistics capacity. By carefully analysing at your production process, you can find ways to optimise and make the process leaner. Helping you develop a more flexible production environment and highly responsive supply chain.

Helping you to improve the efficiency of your operations and adapt to continuous demand for flexibility, speed, and seamless integration across multiple systems.

How we work with you  

How we work with you

You may have identified a specific problem area or simply feel something could be improved and need a general review.

If you like what we suggest, you’ll get options on how you can move forward. Typically this is working on a fully costed smaller project with a performance guarantee. This means you can see how we work, and gauge the results for yourself at zero risk.

The first step is a free audit – we want to understand your business – if we can add value, we’ll tell you where, how much and the projected ROI.


Here’s how the 360 onsite logistics audit and assessment works!

Put us to the test, what have you got to lose?

Contact us for a FREE ‘on site' logistics audit – carried out under a non disclosure agreement - our findings will be reported in full confidence and will provide a detailed analysis of where savings and improvements can be made.

There’s only one condition - you must be UK based and be operating in the automotive sector, with a head count of around 25 - 30 or more operating in logistics roles.

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