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Would you like to reduce your logistics costs more significantly.

The automotive sector is probably the most demanding of any environment in the UK, and the supply chains associated to it is unforgiving and ever-changing.

We know, because we have provided solutions across the whole automotive industry.

If you are UK based and fall into one of these 3 categories we can help you optimise your ‘in-bound’, ‘on-site’ and ‘outbound’ logistics processes.

Once our solutions are implemented the customer typically achieves an overall cost saving of 20% or greater. What’s more we challenge ourselves to pro-actively reduce costs further year on year. To find out just how much we could save you is free and completely confidential.

If you want less hassle, fewer errors and flexible manufacturing costs – we can help

Manufacturing is challenging enough and its our belief you should be able to focus your attention on doing what you do best – not managing the logistics, supply chains and non core operations.

Want to eradicate inefficiency and waste?

Our unique approach to flexible costing structures is based upon the confidence we have in our ability to eradicate inefficiency and waste. This means you can agree a base level fixed cost which is the minimum required to run your operation and only pay the extra when your production levels increase. In other words, you carry the overhead for minimum capacity, and pay as you go at an agreed fixed rate when production exceeds this volume.

We can help you drive out unnecessary cost - Guaranteed

In short, you can use us in the areas you find difficult to manage and keep the rest in-house – we are prepared to work on the smallest of contracts to prove how you can drive out excess cost and inefficiency from your manufacturing supply chain through better processes, systems and training.

Why not call us for a FREE ‘on site logistics’ audit – carried out under a non disclosure agreement. Our findings will be reported in full confidence and will provide a detailed analysis of where savings and improvements can be made.

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