Environmental Social Governance
UK Automotive Onsite Logistics Environmental Social Governance Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive actively pursue initiatives that prioritise the planet, society, and governance. We seek to inspire positive change within the automotive industry, setting a benchmark for responsible and sustainable logistics practices.

ESG: Driving Sustainability

Rudolph and Hellmann have consistently demonstrated their commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices. Through their sustainable initiatives, Rudolph and Hellmann strive to foster a greener future, promote social responsibility, and ensure robust governance across their operations.


A significant emphasis on social responsibility

We prioritise the well-being and safety of our workforce, aiming to provide a conducive work environment and promoting diversity and inclusion. Through responsible labour practices, we ensure fair wages, employee rights, and equal opportunities for growth and development.

Governance plays a vital role in our sustainable practices

We uphold a transparent and ethical framework, adhering to stringent compliance standards and industry regulations. By fostering a culture of accountability and responsible decision-making, we continually strive to maintain the highest standards of corporate governance.

ESG extends beyond our own operations

We actively engage in partnerships and collaborations with various stakeholders to drive collective sustainability efforts in the automotive industry. By sharing best practices, promoting knowledge exchange, and supporting sustainable innovation, we contribute to a greener and more responsible industry as a whole.


If you want your logistics processes to be leaner and greener - we can help


As the leading provider of ‘on site’ logistics services, Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive specialise in removing inefficiency and waste from your logistics processes. Our expertise ranges from the management of large time sensitive warehouses to direct production line feed and sub assembly. Operating with discretion and integrity, several other UK manufacturers in the automotive sector have since benefited from our ‘on site’ logistics solutions.


Turn change into an advantage and rethink how 'Stop Start' logistics can become your strategic advantage.


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Thumbnail image for Home Grown Timber - promoting a career in logistics
20th May 2024

Home Grown Timber - promoting a career in logistics

R&HA are launching a new strategy to engage with youngsters in the local area to promote a career in logistics. It celebrates our ethos of 'Home Grown Timber' where we prefer to develop people in-house and provide rapid career development.
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13th May 2024

A hat trick of IT Quality Standards

R&HA is working towards ISO 27001, ISO 27701 and TISAX information technology security and quality standards.
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6th May 2024

Congratulations Sorin

Sorin has been appointed to take on the role as Health & Safety Manager, and returns to R&HA after two years as a Health and Safety Consultant.
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29th April 2024

2024 Carbon Neutral

One of our targets for 2024 was to be able to declare our Head Office at Lichfield as carbon neutral - and we are on our way to achieve it!
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Thumbnail image for Farewell Aubrey
22nd April 2024

Farewell Aubrey

Aubrey Leeson Group Environmental, Health & Safety Manager is moving on to take up a similar role in Weymouth within the semiconductor and electronics assembly sector. Sorin has been appointed to take on the role as Health & Safety Manager.
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